Hospitals Chopped financially by the pandemic Search for the rest of the payments of the relief funds

Hospitals are pushing the Biden Administration to pay the remaining relief funds that Congress granted last year to cover the financial losses of the Covid-19 pandemic, saying that more than three months has passed since the last announcement of the government of a Great disbursement.

Congress last year approved $ 178 billion to create a help fund for health providers. The last announcement on the payments of the Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees the disbursements, was on December 17, when the Department said it would send around $ 24.5 billion to 70,000 health organizations.

Hospitable groups are concerned that they have not had any communication about other disbursements, since the Biden administration assumed the position.

The original background of $ 178 billion, $ 24 billion, or 14%, has not yet been assigned, said Thursday HHS. The legislation promulgated this month adds another $ 8.5 billion for rural hospitals.

The Biden Administration has focused on the current distributions to cover the cost of treating uninsured patients and is reviewing the program to ensure that the guidelines for additional funds comply with the Federal Statutes, an HHS spokesman said.

The pandemic has weighed a lot in the hospital finances. Expenses for personnel, medicines, supplies and services, such as sterilization, have increased, while income from elective procedures have decreased. Although the End of Year Solon in COVID-19 cases may have decreased, the operating costs of hospitals have remained high with an increase in infection control measures. In addition, the count of cases has been cast in a large amount and the rates of infection are increasing in some states.

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