New United States Covid-19 Case Increase

Newly reported coronavirus cases in the United States have been high as many states are moving with vaccination programs and seek to reopen schools.

The United States reported more than 50,000 new cases for Monday, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. TALLY Monday was greater than 33,645 cases of Sunday, but strongly peak levels reached in January. The data tend to be lower at the beginning of the week because the tests are slower and that some offices are closed over the weekend.

After having increased above the 14-day average for several days, the seven-day average of newly reported cases switched on Monday. The average of seven days, which helps smooth the irregularities in the data reports, settled at 53,441, while the 14-day average was 54,387, according to an analysis of the Wall Street review of data. Johns Hopkins. But in 29 states, the seven-day average was above the 14 day average, indicating that cases indicate in some places.

Hospitalizations continued to fall, with about 39,000 Covid-19 patients hospitalized in the country, according to the latest data published by the Ministry of Health and Social Services.

The country reported 590 COVID-19 deaths for Monday, bringing the total number of dead deaths to nearly 543,000, according to Johns Hopkins data.

Vaccinations, for their part, following the APACE, with more than 128.2 million shots administered on Tuesday morning and 17.6% of the Americans aged 18 and over were fully vaccinated, according to data from the control centers Disease and prevention.

More and more states have lowered the age eligibility requirements that the effort to vaccinate all Americans before summer continues to gain ground.

Texas health officials announced Tuesday that all state adults would be eligible to receive a vaccine from March 29th. One day earlier, Western Virginia opened its vaccinations to everyone in the state of more than 16 years, joining Alaska and Mississippi. Ohio and Arizona also announced projects Monday to expand eligibility.

Efforts to reopen schools also win steam in some cities. The Unified Los Angeles School District launches a program to vaccinate students’ family members early next month hopes to convince more parents to allow their children to return to learning in person. The Superintendent Austin Beutner stated that efforts will be intended for virus-affected communities and aims to address ongoing concerns about the virus among parents who hesitant to return their children to schools once they reopen.

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