North Korea fired missiles, the United States has no worries

North Korea fired missiles, The United States has no worries

North Korea has fired two short-range missiles. The incident took place after a visit by the US Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense. But US President Joe Biden does not see it as a major provocation. News AFP.

This is the first time a nuclear-armed country has fired a missile since Biden came to power. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has met with former US President Donald Trump several times. However, no significant progress has been made between the two countries on nuclear disarmament.

U.S. administration officials said Tuesday that North Korea fired two short-range missiles at local time. The new U.S. administration says it was launched as part of regular military trials. North Korea has said it has not violated UN Security Council rules.
A senior U.S. administration official told reporters that North Korea has not carried out any activities such as a nuclear weapons test or an intercontinental ballistic missile test. Pyongyang has not carried out any such actions in the way Washington has been persuaded before. Another administration official said it was North Korea’s regular job to conduct various tests. We do not need to respond to all types of tests.

Earlier this month, US and South Korean military forces held a joint parade. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin visited Tokyo and Seoul a few days ago. Pyongyang then fired a missile without any announcement on state TV.

The sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has warned that US officials will be disturbed during their visit. “They are trying to spread the smell of gunpowder on our soil,” her sister told the new US administration in a statement, according to Pyongyang’s state-run newspaper Rodong Sinmun.

North Korea has closed its border with China since the coronavirus infection. Before Biden’s inauguration last January, Kim Jong-un identified the United States as its main enemy. That same month, Pyongyang demonstrated a new type of ballistic missile that could be launched from a submarine during a military parade. However, this is the first time North Korea has fired a missile since Biden came to power.

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