Texas to expand the eligibility of the vaccine to all adults on Monday

Texas plans to expand the eligibility of the vaccine to all adults as of next week, joining a handful of states that will have opened fully open appointments to residents at the end of the month.

Alaska, Mississippi and West Virginia have already lowered the age eligibility requirement in the middle of a nationwide thrust to vaccinate all Americans before the summer. Ohio began to allow non-coated citations to be delivered to residents over 16 years of age and over Monday, and will open vaccines to all adults on March 29. In Arizona, residents of 16 years of age and until Wednesday were vaccinated at state management sites in County Maricopa, Phoenix home; Pima County, which includes Tucson; And Yuma County.

In Texas, all adults will be eligible to receive a vaccine from March 29, health officials said, pointing out that they expect vaccination supplies to increase next week.

Suppliers in many parts of the State have advanced in the vaccination of priority groups, “and we want to continue the boost as the supply of vaccines increases,” said Imelda GarcĂ­a, an official for the Department of Texas State Health Services.

As eligibility is opened, priority will still be given to the oldest Texans and at risk of serious illness, according to the State Department of Health. More than 3 million Texans are totally vaccinated, according to state data, and another 6 million have received at least one dose of a vaccine.

On March 10, the economic restrictions and a state mask mandate were set up in Texas, which allowed companies to operate at full capacity. Federal officials have repeatedly said that it is a mistake when reversing the mandates of the mask and facilitating restrictions in the midst of high-content COVID-19 counts and the propagation of new and highly transmissible variants.

The vaccination effort is considered a key to ending the pandemic, and the President Biden earlier this month asked all States for all adults to be eligible for the vaccine for May 1. 1. More state officials have announced plans in recent weeks to open vaccines in mid-April. , including in Montana, Michigan, Connecticut, Kentucky, Tennessee, Maine, Iowa and Missouri.

Throughout the country, a quarter of people in the US. UU They have received at least one shot from a VACCOTO COVID-19 and 13.7% are totally vaccinated, according to the data of the Centers for Control and Prevention of Diseases.

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